Ghostinthecamera here…

Or as most other people know me…Hussain!

I take photos in games (and real life)!

some of my earliest memories include cameras and video games - so when i discovered that these two worlds had collided and created a photomode baby in gran turismo 4 (yes, that gran turismo on the playstation 2) i was already hooked! Since then i always used photomodes when they were available. Early on it was solely racing games which took this mode seriously (the gran turismo series, the forza motorsport series and the project gotham racing series all had photomodes in the xbox360/ps3/ps2 era). More recently however, these options have gotten much better with more and more photomodes being available. I created this site as a place for my shots to live (without the limitations and pressures of social media) so that i can express my love for this whacky and wonderful new art form.